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  • 10 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him / Her

    jonathan adler is one of my favorite stores and they just so happen to have the best candles. not much
    compares to being in a room that actually smells dreamy and is beautifully lit on top of that. so set the mood just right with one of their many candles!
    those times when your lips get hella annoying you can just rub this fresh peppermint and sweet castor sugar lib scrub on to your exfoliate your lips and make them feel smooth as ass. and then just put on a lip balm after to add mouisture, i just use the cococa butter vaseline. a lot.
    it fits in my purse and will probably fit in his coat pocket. the cutest way to document your days together! then decorate your walls with all the photos.
    space nerd or not - this is the best light in the world. the moon. your own personal moon. you can pick the phase of the moon on the remote control or you can choose to let it continuously change on it's own. show your significant other that you love them - to the moon and back.
    odds are you've long forgot about cassettes. but this is the most unique gift that'll last a lifetime. i was gifted one a couple years ago and since then it's been a ball starting my tape collection. not to mention you can make each other mixtapes! it's simply the cutest!
    what's more fun to watch your love grow through a plant. just try not to kill it. next time you pass Home Depot go explore the garden center! they have the cutest pink and other colored cacti that'll make the best gift.
    so if you of course decide to go the jewelry route - this is my favorite designer! she makes the most adorably creepy pieces. if you know me, you know i'm always decked out in my vera meat pieces. with stores in NYC and Brooklyn and an online shop for the rest of you folks.
    this santa monica based brand has created some of my favorite body suits. get it for yourself to surprise him on valentine's or buy one for her! i'm a little self conscious in little to no clothes but this suit hugs your body just right! you'll never want to take it off. wear it during sexy time or wear it out with an outfit. you won't regret it.
    i can not live without my coconut oil products whether i use it for my skin or to cook with. it's all around the best ingredient to life. i'm not saying i cook with this body butter but you can check your local grocery store for that stuff. get it all! *for a cheaper route: Yes to is one of my favorite brand for all products. expecially the grapefruit face wash and the coconut / sunflower oil body lotion spray!
    10. SOCKS
    ONE CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SOCKS! I'm always wanting more. I love a fun sock!
    a couple brands i love: